Time Management #5 – The Template

We have now identified the key tasks that need to be completed each week, we also recognise that each week has a finite amount of […]

Candidate Selection Rule #5: Let Them Talk

  You will learn more about a candidate from their lips than from your own. Let them talk. Resist the temptation to tell them all […]

Successful Selling 6 – Disciplined Approach

We are talking about time-management here. And it is the inability to manage their time that causes most salespeople to fail. I have rarely seen […]

Candidate Selection Rule #6: Keep Them Talking

  Keep candidates talking about themselves. Don’t let a candidate trick you with a discussion on sport in general, or what you both thought of […]

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Candidate Selection – Rule #7: Keep them to the Facts

What a candidate plans to do is pure hypothesis. What they have done can be checked. Keep them on the track and keep a careful […]

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Candidate Selection – Rule #8: Check References

After the interview get on the phone to a couple of past employers. Identify yourself and your organisation, mention that a prospective employee has given […]

Successful Selling 8 – Know your numbers

You have just been offered a job where you would earn £10 for every phone call you make. What time of day would you start […]

Spotlight on Expat Living – Africa

If someone asked for your first choice place to live, where would be the place you would say…….? So……… not Africa then! But why not? […]

The Negative Forces Setting a Salary

  Let me tell you how I believe a salary is set. Jill Boss has a particular clearly defined job to get done. She wants […]

Spotlight on Expat Living – Hong Kong

Living and Working in Hong Kong Hong Kong is fast paced, in your face, and, for sheer impact and vibrancy, cannot be beaten in Asia […]

Spotlight on Expat Living – Singapore

Singapore – The Market Everything in Singapore is so efficient, so ordered and so clean that, once you’ve worked there, it really is a very […]