The 3 ‘I’s for Successful Selection

  Some 20 years ago I met with Ken Wills who had just retired as Sales Director of The Equitable Life sales-force. This particular sales-force […]

Candidate Selection Rule #1 – People don’t change

There is a school of thought, led mainly by uneducated pedlars of success, which maintains that people can change… That it is possible for someone, […]

Successful Selling 1 – Be Brilliant at the Basics

Is selling a tough job, a hard job, or a difficult job? Well, it can be all of these things, but in reality is none […]

Candidate Selection Rule #2 – The Best Guide

  Actually the full Rule is: “The Best Guide to What a Person Can Do is What they have already Done.” If you have read […]

Time Management #2 – Are you Independent or Dependent?

An old colleague of mine used to say “When we come into this world we don’t come equipped with an instruction manual”. Too true… We […]

Successful Selling 2 – Get the Sequence Right…

I have already addressed the importance of completing the various simple steps in the sales cycle (see Be Brilliant at Basics). However, I haven’t yet […]

Candidate Selection Rule #3 – People are a product of their Past

  It follows that if a person is a product of their past, then you need to know all about them. Again, this follows from […]

Successful Selling 3 – It doesn’t matter what you are selling…

Whether they are selling automobiles or aeroplanes; houses or boats; wall-paper or wills; life assurance or investments; advice or products, successful salespeople have common characteristics […]

Candidate Selection Rule #4 – Know your Candidate Warts and All

  Since you may employ him or her as they are today, “warts and all”, you want to know about their present circumstances, including the […]

Time Management #5 – The Template

We have now identified the key tasks that need to be completed each week, we also recognise that each week has a finite amount of […]

Successful Selling 5 – Integrity

“The secret of acting is sincerity. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made” – George Burns. Financial advisers make money by selling ‘trust’, […]

Successful Selling 6 – Disciplined Approach

We are talking about time-management here. And it is the inability to manage their time that causes most salespeople to fail. I have rarely seen […]

Time Management #6 – Peak Performance

With our draft template ready to complete (see previous post here), we now need to determine whether there are particular days that are better suited […]

Candidate Selection Rule #6: Keep Them Talking

  Keep candidates talking about themselves. Don’t let a candidate trick you with a discussion on sport in general, or what you both thought of […]

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Candidate Selection – Rule #7: Keep them to the Facts

What a candidate plans to do is pure hypothesis. What they have done can be checked. Keep them on the track and keep a careful […]

Successful Selling 7 – Belief

If you do not believe that the product or service you are selling will provide added value to your client, then stop selling it. You […]

Successful Selling 8 – Know your numbers

You have just been offered a job where you would earn £10 for every phone call you make. What time of day would you start […]

What Recruiters want from prospective Financial Advisors

  Let’s not kid ourselves here – moving overseas will be an unsettling and challenging experience. Changing jobs is traumatic enough on its own, but […]

Spotlight on Expat Living – Africa

If someone asked for your first choice place to live, where would be the place you would say…….? So……… not Africa then! But why not? […]

The Negative Forces Setting a Salary

  Let me tell you how I believe a salary is set. Jill Boss has a particular clearly defined job to get done. She wants […]

Spotlight on Expat Living – Hong Kong

Living and Working in Hong Kong Hong Kong is fast paced, in your face, and, for sheer impact and vibrancy, cannot be beaten in Asia […]

Spotlight on Expat Living – Singapore

Singapore – The Market Everything in Singapore is so efficient, so ordered and so clean that, once you’ve worked there, it really is a very […]

Spotlight on Expat Living – Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur – The Market KL has always been one of my favourite cities in Asia. I just love the “personality” of the place – […]

Spotlight on Expat Living – Bangkok

Bangkok – The Market It had been a while since I last visited Bangkok but I was sure things wouldn’t have changed much – snarling, […]

Modern Interview Techniques – How to interview well over Skype

  Attending an interview used to involve time off work, travelling to and from the interviewer’s office and the associated costs, but the traditional ‘face-to-face’ […]

The 3 ‘I’s for Successful Man Management

In 1981, Brian attended his first management training session. He was fortunate to spend this particular week with a man named Robert Jackson who had spent […]

Spotlight on Expat Living – Qatar

Qatar – The Market Qatar is a well-regulated market that will appeal to UK qualified advisers who want to maintain their high quality, professional approach […]

Spotlight on Expat Living – Dubai

Dubai – The Market Dubai is one of the most popular markets we recruit into. It is an attractive location in which to begin your […]