Successful Selling 8 – Know your numbers


You have just been offered a job where you would earn £10 for every phone call you make.

  • What time of day would you start work at?
  • What time would you finish at?
  • Would you want to work weekends?
  • How many calls a day do you think you might make? 20, 50, 100…?
  • How many hours per day would you like to work? 5, 7, 12…?
  • What lunch-hours would you expect/demand?
  • What annual holidays would you ask for/insist on?

If you are in sales, you have this job. Selling is about activity. To coin a phrase: selling is a numbers game. However, you must know your personal ‘numbers’. You must know the value of each prospect; of each appointment; of each presentation; and of each sale. Have you worked out your personal numbers yet?

Back to the numbers now… To take a simple example: you generate on average £5,000 per week from 2 sales having met with 10 prospects. Therefore the average value per prospect is £500. If it took you 50 telephone calls to get to those 10 prospects, then each telephone call was worth £100.

So if you make 100 calls per week, you will earn £10,000 per week. Yes, you might require some support – a telesales support person, a very good administrator, a para-planner. So what? Go for it.

And a last word on activity: if you’re not keeping score, you’re just practising.

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