Successful Selling 4 – Activity


Your weekly activity level will determine the pace of your success. Great salespeople commit themselves, from the outset, to a high level of activity – meeting with prospects, referrals and clients in sufficient numbers to ensure that their personal production goals are reached.

What are reasonable activity levels? For a new salesperson or for one starting in a new country/territory, this is quite simple. If you are meeting with 10 prospects/clients per week, every week, you will be successful. If you meet with 15 you will be mega-successful. If you meet less than 5 per week you will fail.

In sales, the numbers never lie. Activity determines productivity. High activity always results in high productivity. Indeed, I know from my personal experience that if you lack natural sales skills (for example in your early days) you can overcome this lack of skill by hard work – by activity. I certainly did. And the more I practised the better I got… funny that!

With experience you will develop the ability to convert a higher proportion of prospects into clients. Your weekly activity levels will determine how quickly you will achieve your sales goals.

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