Successful Selling 3 – It doesn’t matter what you are selling…


Whether they are selling automobiles or aeroplanes; houses or boats; wall-paper or wills; life assurance or investments; advice or products, successful salespeople have common characteristics and traits that make them great (and very wealthy). It actually doesn’t matter what the product or service is, these characteristics, habits, and traits are present with all great salespeople.

Before summarising the 4 characteristics that I have identified in every great salesperson, let me reiterate what successful selling involves.

Selling successfully demands that you follow a series of simple steps, from prospecting, making an approach and confirming an appointment; through fact-finding, analysing, and making recommendations; through to closing the sale and asking for referrals.

As long as you follow each of these steps conscientiously and in the right sequence, a sale will be successfully completed. Great salespeople just do this more often and more successfully than others. What makes these people great…?

I have identified 4 key characteristics that all great Salespeople have:

  • Activity
  • Integrity
  • Disciplined Approach
  • Belief

I will examine each of these characteristics in detail in my next articles.

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