The Negative Forces Setting a Salary



Let me tell you how I believe a salary is set.

Jill Boss has a particular clearly defined job to get done. She wants to hire someone to do it. She has to set the salary level. What does she pay?

Well, she will pay the least amount she has to pay to get that job done to the level she wants it to be done. No more. The least she has to pay.

Jack Worker wants a new job. He has the skills required to do Jill Boss’s job. He goes for the interview. He understands the salary. Jack wants to know what hours he has to work, how many days’ holidays he is entitled to, what sick-leave he will get, paternity leave, overtime, etc.

What Jack actually wants to know is what is the least amount of work he has to commit to, to ensure he keeps that job and that salary.

So there it is. Jill Boss wants to pay as little as she can to get Jack Worker who wants to work as little as he can to get the salary on offer. Two negatives working together to decide what level a salary should be set at.

This is why I love the commission-only environment. Assuming you are always acting in the best interests of the client, you cannot be underpaid or overpaid.

Just see more high-quality clients and sell more high-quality business and both Jill Boss and Jack Worker will be well rewarded.

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