The benefits of building IFA presence on Facebook

social media and ifa - the benefits from

Social Media is fast becoming a great way of advertising your business at snippet of the cost of print, radio or television advertising. Independent Financial Advisors should use this medium to their advantage but with only 18% of advisors currently utilising it, it is not something that has been taken up in the world of finance.

Facebook has form for helping businesses

The benefits of Facebook can be seen from a recent social media survey undertaken by Putnam Investments – they discovered IFAs on this social media platform outperformed other advisors who push their efforts onto one of the other social media networks. Facebook has netted businesses new assets worth around $565 million compared to Twitter at $170 million and Google+ at $393 million. It was also discovered that the Facebook advisors gained 83% of their new clients from the medium compared to LinkedIn advisors only converting 56% so you could also argue that the quality of lead from Facebook is greater. Whether you’re looking for new international financial advisor jobs, or using the platform for gaining new clients, Facebook is a great place to be.

Another avenue to explore

Facebook is the fastest growing social media, which also helps with SEO. Google and others now list Facebook pages in their searches meaning you can get another hit besides your website for new customers. The analytics on your Facebook insights page offers easy to read metrics allowing you the tools to see what is working which you can go on to develop.

Getting friendly

Facebook is designed to allow you to build a rapport with new and existing clients in a more relaxed (yet professional) environment. If you are seen as approachable, with a lot of advice to give then people are more likely to use you. IFA’s rely on customer’s word of mouth and repeat business and engaging clients via Facebook is a great way to keep in touch. There are a few things you need to do on the page to keep yourselves relevant. Post on a regular basis; this keeps you fresh in the audience’s minds but make the posts relevant to your business and your customers. Offer newsletters to download, showing your depth of knowledge. Do not give away a high level of advice – you are still a business. Reply to messages to show your efficiency.


However, user beware – remember you are a business and as such you should still act like one on social media; keeping your appearance professional yet approachable. If you do not have the time to put into the upkeep, take on board a company to maintain the page for you. Facebook has many benefits from the range of clients you could source to the type. Use it well and you could see your business presence increase dramatically.

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