The 3 ‘I’s for Successful Man Management


In 1981, Brian attended his first management training session. He was fortunate to spend this particular week with a man named Robert Jackson who had spent most of his working life in sales management.

Robert made a simple point about managing sales people, running sales meetings and delivering presentations. My hand-written notes from that particular session records the three “I”s of man-management.

In every meeting, every interface and every presentation with your sales team you must (always) Instruct, Inspire and Insist.

• Instruct – Teach them a new skill something new (perhaps technical, a sales idea, or time management, etc.)
• Inspire – Encourage them to use this idea (convince them of the benefits)
• Insist – Agree a target to ensure the new idea is used and then do it

You cannot be a successful manager by doing just one or two of these things in isolation. All three must be done every time or the message will be diminished.

So when setting your next sales team meeting agenda or preparing a presentation for a sales conference or if just preparing for a one-to-one with a member of your team check to ensure that you will Instruct, Inspire, Insist.

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