Modern Interview Techniques – How to interview well over Skype



Attending an interview used to involve time off work, travelling to and from the interviewer’s office and the associated costs, but the traditional ‘face-to-face’ interview has changed…

To save both time and money many international recruiters are turning to the Internet and utilising video conferencing and web-cams to conduct initial video interviews.

It gives you the ability to attend an interview for a job the other side of the world without having to leave the comfort of your own home.


Preparation is Key

Chances are if you are looking to work overseas you will have a video interview at some point or another so best to be ready.

1. Choose a professional username

Remember this is a job interview with a potential employer so you need to have a serious approach when selecting a username. Lazybones123 might not send out the right signals.

2. Practice talking to your computer

Before having a video interview make sure you know how to use the software and practice looking at the screen and talking clearly into the microphone.

3. Pick suitable surroundings

Remember the recruiter will not just see you they will see and hear everything that is around you. It is best to choose an uncluttered background with no distracting objects or noises and make sure you are clearly visible and positioned in the centre of the ‘shot’.

4. Don’t get distracted

Treat this as you would any other interview. Turn off your mobile phone and if you are at home make sure your family or pets do not cause any unexpected interruptions.

5. Make an impression

As with any meeting your first impression will be a lasting one. Wear a suit, speak clearly and professionally, smile and above all make (virtual) eye contact – treat it like they were in the room.

6. Ask questions

Research the company, its people and information about the country you may be working in. Have key questions prepared, use bullet point to jog your memory and ensure you don’t miss an important question. Write them on a piece of paper and stick it on your monitor or near the web-cam so you can ask questions without having to look away.

Remember the golden rules of any interview; be prepared and be yourself!

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