The Rough Diamond


Some years ago a friend of mine told me this true story…

With his wife away he had to keep his children amused one rainy Saturday afternoon. It was not something he looked forward to.

Browsing the newspapers early that morning he saw that one of the London museums was exhibiting the World’s largest-ever diamond. He gathered the children together and got them exciting about the idea of seeing this diamond. They were excited and very keen. So off they went.

Several hours of queuing did little to dampen the excitement. As they neared the display cabinet of bullet-proof glass surrounded by heavily-armed guards the sense of expectation was high. As the group got closer to the display things began to unravel somewhat.

This wasn’t what they had expected – instead of an enormous shiny exotic stone, they were confronted with a dirty big lump of rock, the diamond was in its raw form. More like an over sized lump of coal than a gleaming jewel.

A raw diamond is still a precious stone. It just doesn’t look like one when it is first discovered. But put in the hands of a skilled craftsman, worked on with precision and by talented, trained professionals this rough diamond would eventually become the sparkling jewel that we all admire.

Without the expertise of the craftsman it would remain rough, raw and largely unappreciated.

So too with raw recruits – your rough diamonds.

If you have extracted the right raw material from your recruitment drive (if not, review your selection process!), then, like an experienced craftsman exercising professional care, giving attention to detail and providing careful supervision you too can convert that raw material into a sparkling diamond.

Without adequate management good raw material may well be damaged beyond repair and everyone loses something valuable.

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