Time Management #9 – The Final Picture

Time Management in the Financial Services Industry

We are almost there now. Indeed, we can easily fit the rest of our key tasks into the diary time-slots …

  • Wednesdays – Administration/Personal Development/1:1
  • Fridays – Research/Preparation (for Monday & Tuesdays)




Using a slightly more sophisticated version of this basic system I have managed some salespeople to incredible success. I didn’t design it, but I adapted it and used it so successfully my-self that when I moved into management I made every one of my recruits use it. (In effect I ‘took’ their freedom away until they had ‘earned’ it back). It worked in almost every case.

As mentioned previously, my aim was simple: I wanted every one of my sales-team to leave the office on a Friday with 2 or 3 sales ‘in the bag’, commission earned, and a packed diary for the following Monday and Tuesday.

That would make for a very enjoyable weekend for all of us. On Mondays the excitement in the office first thing in the morning was incredible as the team assembled and the one by one flew off to their respective appointments … and I’d count them going out and then count them all back again.

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