Time Management #8 – We all hate the telephone!

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The next key day is the telephone session. It was always the one day I dreaded each week. Again, some salespeople tell me that they are happy making prospecting calls every day of the week – as and when the mood takes them. Hmm, I’m sure. Why do these guys always look so miserable and never seem to make much money?

Making phone calls – cold calls, warm calls or even hot calls – is the toughest part of the sales job. I really hated it. But I knew it had to be done. So I planned that every Thursday afternoon I would ‘hit the phone’ until I had at least 10 confirmed appointments for the following Monday/Tuesday. If I didn’t quite make my target by Thursday evening I always had Friday morning to chase any missed calls. The point here is that had I made Friday my telephone day I would have had no fall-back plan if I had failed to make my target by close of play. So Thursday telephone day. However, there is one twist here…

I mentioned that I would ‘hit the phone’ every Thursday afternoon. However, I would have already prepared my telephone list the previous day. Why? Because the act of telephoning and the task of preparing a telephone list are very different and require different skills and attitudes – so my advice is to keep the tasks apart.

It is also easier to compile a good quality telephone list if you know you are not expecting to actually call that list immediately. By the time Thursday comes your only concern will be to make telephone calls – that will be and must be your focus.

So the week is now taking shape…

  • Mondays/Tuesdays – Client meetings (2 days)
  • Thursdays – Telephone (1 day)

Saturdays/Sundays – Family/Social time (2 days)



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