Time Management #7 – Get off to a Flyer!

Time Management

A quick review of our progress to date: we have accepted that time in finite; that there are certain key tasks that must be completed every week; that each task must be allocated sufficient days/time within each week to ensure that it gets completed every week; that a simple template breaking the week into easily managed time-slots will assist; that the week needs to be structured to ensure that you are at peak-level on your client meetings days –  a level of intensity and focus that ensures you are at the top of your game, fully briefed, motivated, positive and determined; and finally, that this level of true peak performance can be achieved in just two days in any one week.

Before deciding which day should be allocated to each task, let’s consider for a moment the psychology that I believe underlies most salespersons thinking. Here are my views developed over many years of ales management…

I believe that the skills required to complete a successful client meeting are entirely different from the skills required to undertake research and administration. You should not try to mix these disciplines or you risk falling between to (skills) stools. So keep client meeting days entirely separate from everything else. Like a professional footballer on match-days, you must focus – no distractions.

Next ask yourself: Which do I prefer… to open my week with a sale on day 1 (so that you are now feeling good about yourself and looking forward to more sales that week) or ending the week with a sale on the last client meeting (so that you are now relieved that the pressure is off, and better late than never, eh?). Some people see no difference. The result, after all,  is the same… isn’t it? In the long-term, the result will certainly not be the same. Here’s why…

If you make a sale first thing on Monday morning you will begin the week ‘on a positive which can be developed into a roll ’, and momentum in sales (as in football) means a lot. You will be positive, pro-active and confident. You will exude a positive, professional, confident vibe at client meetings and more sales will come more easily. Furthermore, you will have time to plan ahead for the following week – to make sure that it too is a successful one.

If you just barely manage a sale late on a Friday, after a week of becoming increasingly worrying about where your next sale will come from, you will be under pressure and this shows at client meetings making sales more difficult to come by. Also, in your concern to get one sale before the end of the week there will have been no time left for planning ahead for the coming week. This means that next week will be just the same.

And here’s another good psychological point: if you reach Tuesday and you haven’t made a sale, you have 3 days in which to make emergency changes to your diary to fix the problem.  You may ask if it is possible to for in 10 client meetings in just 2 days. Well, when you have a packed diary you will find that you will manage 2 meetings each morning, afternoon and evening. I did it for years…

So, let me put my preferred client meetings days down on paper – the first 2 days of the working week (Monday and Tuesdays for UK readers) – Get off to a flyer!

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