Time Management #6 – Peak Performance


With our draft template ready to complete (see previous post here), we now need to determine whether there are particular days that are better suited than others to complete each specific task. For example, are particular days in each week that actually suit you (and your clients) better than others, to have client meetings? Is there one particular day in the week when making telephone appointments works best? I happen to believe so…

Some salespeople believe that they should spend at least a little part of every day meeting with clients (I don’t agree to this; although if you have a coordinator, a paraplanner and admin team in place it is possible).  My view is that you should pace your week so that you achieve peak-performance level when with your clients. This is a level of intensity and focus that means you are top of your game, fully briefed, motivated, positive and determined. I do not believe that true peak performance can be achieved for more than two days in any one week.

Like a professional footballer, you need to be at peak-performance level to be effective at the most important days of the week – match days. No professional footballer would ever suggest that he could perform at peak level every day of the week. So why do we as salespeople think we are different?

For salespeople, our match-days are our client meetings days. It is at client meetings that the result of our planning, research and sales skills will be decided. Client meetings days are where salespeople make money. These days are the fays that every other activity supports. I just do not believe that you can perform ‘peak level’ every day in sales. You could achieve peak-level 2 days per week – maybe 3 days. But which days of the week should they be…?

In the next section we will explore the psychology supporting the importance of choosing the right days to complete certain tasks.

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