Time Management #5 – The Template


We have now identified the key tasks that need to be completed each week, we also recognise that each week has a finite amount of time so we have allocated what we believe is sufficient time to allow us to complete each task/activity within a week.

What I now want to introduce is a time management concept that just might make it a little bit easier for you to plan your week. It involves creating a time-management template by splitting the week into 15 units of time. Each unit of time represents 1/3 of a day.

Take out a blank page and across the top axis write out the days of the week. Down the left-hand side axis write AM, PM, EVE. Now create a series of boxes by drawing criss-cross lines on the page to break each day into 3 separate units and each week into 21 units of time.


Now the good news: To be hugely successful in this business, you need to work just 12 units of time per week. This means you will be left with 13 units of time for fun and family… Sounds like a deal, I hope!

And there’s more… If you use this time-management template effectively you should go home at the end of each week with sales ‘in the bag’, commission earned, appointments confirmed for the following week, and completely stress-free for the weekend. This is the greatest gift that any time management system can confer: Success in a stress-free environment.

To begin completing our Template you can immediately give yourself the 6 time-units over the weekend and assign them as Family/Social time. We’ve made a start!

Over the next few instalments we will complete this template to ensure that you end up with a time-management plan that has been proven to work over decades; a plan that is logical and flexible.

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