Time Management #4 – Key Activities


In the previous section we decide that time was finite – it cannot be expanded or contracted. Also we identified some of the key tasks that needed to be completed to make each week successful: 10 client meetings being one obvious one.

In this section we are going to identify in broad terms all the key activities a successful salesperson needs to complete each week. Once we have done that we will allocate sufficient time within the week to make sure these tasks are completed fully. Here is how I would go about it…

First of all let’s list the key activities that will require your time each week, every week:

  • Family/social time
  • Phone session
  • Client meetings
  • Administration
  • Research/Preparation
  • Personal Development/1:1

Next we must recognise that while each of these activities is important, and all are interdependent, not all will require the same amount of time allocated to them. But we do accept that time is finite; that all of these tasks/activities must be completed each week; and that they must fit into one week. So our challenge now is to allocate, in broad terms, how many of the 7 days will be taken up with each activity. Here’s my best guess:

  • Family/social time – 2 days
  • Phone session – 1 day
  • Client meetings – 2 days
  • Administration – ½ day
  • Research/Preparation – 1 day
  • Personal Development/1:1 – ½ day

But this is still the easy part because our next step is to select which specific days should be allocated to which task…

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