What Do You Need for a Home Office Abroad?

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If you’re a qualified Independent Finance Advisor, there are numerous possibilities for developing your career and creating new challenges, and one of these can be finance jobs abroad. Whilst many wanting to work abroad may seek out another company to provide them with suitable work, as an independent finance advisor you need surprisingly little to set up your own home office abroad.

Here we’re taking a look at the essential tools and infrastructure you’ll need to get yourself up and running anywhere in the world.


As a qualified independent finance advisor, it’s important to find an appropriate workspace in your home. Whilst much of the job can be split between home visits to your clients, having a suitable place to work will help you keep a good work-life balance and help you stay organised.

Good Internet Access

In the modern world, the internet is an essential tool in business, especially in the finance world where IFA’s need to keep continuously up to date with the latest news and to be able to communicate with their clients effectively. Investing in a decent internet provider will help you in so many ways as an international finance advisor, as your clients may be dotted around the world.

Computer or Laptop

Whether you decide on a desktop computer with more hardware and storage or a laptop that allows you to work on the go wherever you have connectivity is up to you, but investing in a quality piece of technology is vital to building your home office abroad.


Another essential tool for working as an IFA, is a phone, which will allow you to keep in touch with your clients, and provide a contact number for new ones. Getting a smartphone is most likely the best option, as you only pay one monthly charge, plus with apps like Skype you can subscribe for a local landline office number, as well as have your mobile number separately. They also allow you to keep up to date with emails and calendars on the go, making time management very effective for independent finance advisor jobs.

Filing system

Inevitably with finance advisor jobs, comes paperwork and you’ll need a system in place to be able to process this paperwork effectively and keep everything organised. Having a physical hardcopy in store, as well as a cloud-based system should mean you can cover every eventuality and easily locate documents as and when you need them.

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