Tripping with Michelle


If anyone has ever told you that ‘tripping’ is not tiring…………they are lying! Of course it is but, did they also tell you how satisfying it is too. I bet they didn’t. People always talk about the negatives in any job, unless it is about money and they know for a fact they are earning more than you. Then they are more than happy to talk about it.

Well, for the past 9 years I have been tripping between 3 countries, UK, Oman and Spain. I have met many diverse people, learnt a great deal about the cultures, earned good money, had holidays in fascinating places, eaten amazing and awful food and with all that I have enjoyed my job. Why? Because I didn’t get bored. Just as I was thinking, Mmmmmm, I was off again. The only downfall I ever had was I never seemed to have the correct dress with me for any occasion. My husband said that was just an excuse 😉

So, whether you are in one location or several, the grass will always seem greener on the other side. So step over the fence and give it go, you will never know what is out there until you give it a try, will you.

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