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If someone asked for your first choice place to live, where would be the place you would say…….?

So……… not Africa then! But why not?

You would want a land of opportunity. A culturally diverse environment. Varied locations offering the chance to deal with an ever increasing number of highly skilled and high earning expats. Well, Africa offers all of these, and so much more………

South Africa has been very much in the news recently, and one thing that came across loud and clear was that the country is very much a developing place, boasting huge natural resources and a swiftly growing economy (over 3 % GDP growth rate in 2012). Key industries include mining, automobile assembly, chemicals and foodstuffs, as well as a growing financial services sector. South Africa trades extensively with China, Japan and the EU, offering many potential opportunities for expats to live and work there, and therefore a growing pool of clients for the financial services professional to deal with.

Of course, South Africa is not all about work. The “world in one country” offers a rich tapestry of places to live. Cape Town, voted for the last two years as the favourite city in the world to visit by the Telegraph website, sits alongside vibrant Durban and cosmopolitan Johannesburg. Fantastic beaches, great food and wine, and an unbelievable variety of scenery and wildlife all make South Africa a place well worth living in – not to mention the current exchange rate and its effect on property prices!

Ghana would be considered, in many ways, a complete contrast to South Africa. The first place in sub-Saharan Africa to be settled by European colonial powers, and also the first to gain independence in 1957. Historically, Ghana has relied on its reserves of gold and cocoa production but, since 2007, the focus of its economy has switched with the discovery of major offshore oil reserves. Allied to a relatively secure democratic system, this makes Ghana a highly attractive prospect for future international investment and consequent high economic growth. The expat community in Ghana is currently growing at a fast pace, presenting huge opportunities for financial advisers wishing to work in a largely untapped market

The Ghanaian love of festivals, allied to some stunning beaches, game reserves and its Ashanti heritage make Ghana a fascinating place to explore and discover. Whilst it could definitely be considered to be expensive by African standards, the lifestyle of an expat in Ghana can be hugely rewarding, offering the chance to live in a politically stable, vibrant country with a tangible feel of exciting times ahead

Just two examples of a widely diverse and fascinating region.

There is little doubt that the expat market, and therefore the need for related quality financial advice, will continue to grow throughout Africa over the coming years. So, if you are looking for a change in your career in 2014, then why not look at Africa? It might just surprise you!

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