Seven Signs You Need a Fresh Start

ifa abroad is a fresh start

Consider life as a series of doors that open and close with opportunities and choices. We all know the expression ‘as one door closes, another one opens’, but knowing which doors to open and close and when, can be part of the challenge.

Here we look at seven signs that may indicate you need a fresh start that may help you recognise the opportunities and your personal goals.

Low Job Satisfaction

According to IIP, in 2014/15 60% of UK workers were not happy in their jobs. This low job satisfaction could be an indication that a fresh start is required. Maybe it’s time to start a new career, stepping outside of your comfort zone – this could be looking at independent finance advisor jobs in your area or even finance jobs abroad.

Feeling Uninspired

If you’re constantly feeling uninspired by everything around you, why not make some significant changes to your environment. This could be a fresh start in a new city or country, or just making an effort to seek out the things or people that do inspire you.

Life changes

If you’ve recently gone through a life-changing moment, be it quitting or losing your job, getting married, divorced, moving house or having a child, these are all defining moments that will change your life no matter what you do. Which is why as scary as it may sound, it can also be a good time to embrace change into other areas of your life too.

Living in the Past

If you’ve spent months, years, even decades living in the past, there has to come a time when you start living in the present and planning a future. A sure sign you’re ready for a fresh start is when realise that you want a future, whether it’s a career change as an IFA abroad or enrolling on a course.

Feeling Trapped

This isn’t an uncommon feeling, many people feel trapped or stuck in a rut, which is why change and making a fresh start is the way forward. In reality, you’re the only one who can change these feelings, so acting upon your instincts and taking a new job as an international finance advisor or moving abroad could be just what you need.

Cutting Ties

Another sign you need a change could be that you have cut all ties with the previous chapter in your life. Maybe your friends have all moved away or you’ve quit your job and feel like you have nothing left connecting you to your old life – this is definitely a sign to start afresh and open a new door on your life.

The Need for Change

It’s easy to become complacent and routine, but if you feel you’re living your life or career on a treadmill with the same mundane routine day after day, this is definitely a sign that you need a change in the right direction – make bold decisions and start something new.

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