How to Start Networking in a New Country

Networking in new countriesAn increasing number people these days are seeking opportunities in other countries, and one of the problems faced by those who’ve found finance jobs abroad is how to begin when it comes to creating a network of new contacts and potential clients. Networking in a new country can be a challenging thing, but it is not as difficult as many people assume. At the heart of creating a solid network is the question of culture and the issue of adaptation that comes from it. Whether you’ve landed an international financial advisor job in Tokyo or Qatar, you will definitely find a different culture from the one you have in the UK, but when it comes to meeting people and making friends, if you’ve a good idea of where to start before you land in foreign climes, you’ll have some strategies that can help you start networking wherever in the world you are.

Learn the culture

Learning the culture of your new home is good starting point, not just for those that have landed financial advisor jobs overseas, but for anyone that travels abroad. The more you know about the country and its people, the more it will help you blend in smoothly and you won’t be at risk of offending your new contacts. A little light reading about the most important traditions and events such as religious holiday traditions, bank holidays and major sporting events, will give you something to talk about and make it easier for you to fit in.


Having learnt the culture of your newfound home, it will now be much easier for you to create networks. You will need to put in some effort here, but there are different ways to go about this.

Teach, Learn or Volunteer

If you have time to spare, like many people starting independent financial advisor jobs overseas you can start a session of classes on simple finance tips and tricks. This will give you the opportunity to do something you like and connect with a group of people, many of whom will be interested in the advice you can offer. While teaching some financial tips and tricks would be a good place to start, it’s not the only way to reach your target market, and don’t use it as your only avenue. Consider learning something new yourself, or improving on other skills, such as golf or other sports to widen your contact base in your new home and give you more avenues to find new clients. In addition to this consider engaging in community activities and projects. Volunteering your time in the community is a great way of meeting people in a more giving and open environment, and will give people a great first impression.

Social Media

Never underestimate the power of social media in building networks. Whether you join local Facebook groups, build your network of contacts through LinkedIn, joining groups affiliated with financial advisor recruitment or participate in online networking forums, all these can lead to a wider network of people with whom to connect and discover new opportunities and avenues through which to do business. The trick to social media is regularity and relevancy, and if you’re seen as being someone that pays attention to others, then they’re far more likely to pay attention to you when you have something to say.


Creating networks in a new country might sound difficult, but follow some of the tips above and you’ll start off well. Just remember to maintain your contact with those in your network and you’ll benefit from a strong network that you can build upon to secure new clients.

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