4 of the Best Apps When Relocating Abroad

Apps for moving abroad

400 Brits move abroad every day – and a sizeable chunk of skilled professionals relocate to improve their career prospects. If you’re looking for finance jobs abroad, digital technology has your every move covered. We’ve listed some of the most important apps for relocation.

1. Rightmove

If you’re an international financial advisor or accountant moving abroad and looking for somewhere to live, Rightmove is a great place to start. Search for homes to rent or buy in various countries without issue with this handy to use app. Rightmove is a member of the Association of International Property Professionals, or AIPP – the industry body responsible for the sale and marketing of overseas property and you’ll find more than 95,000 properties in over 75 countries – perfect if you’re searching for a villa in the South of France or an apartment in Dubai. Get access to overseas estate agents and property owners at the touch of a button and make property hunting a breeze.

2. Dropbox

It’s essential you have access to your important documents when you move and with cloud based storage system Dropbox, you can access everything you need, wherever you’re moving to. Great for sharing large files such as photos with friends back home, or sharing large complex proposal with clients, this will save you time and energy waiting for that document attachment to go through on email.

3. Foocall

Presuming you’ve left at least a few loved ones or business contacts behind, the likelihood of you wanting to keep in touch to let them know how your international financial advisor job is going is high. What you don’t want, however, is your phone bill to skyrocket. Download the Foocall app and you’ll be making international calls easily and cheaply, and topping up with just how much you’ll need will avoid heavy roaming charges and keep your budget in the black.

4. XE Currency

Once you’ve decided on where you want to move, it can be difficult to convert different currencies quickly when securing a sale or finding out how much something costs. The XE app monitors live currency rates and can be accessed when you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection – perfect for offline usage in Internet blackspots. Calculate hundreds of different currency conversions in one place, making life much easier!


These are just a few of the handiest apps on the market for those relocating abroad, but if you have these on your phone, you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to your relocation.

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