Marketing yourself – How to win customer confidence

As an independent financial advisor, there is one key ingredient that you need wherever it is you’re working, and that is trust. Your clients need […]

Successful Selling 1 – Be Brilliant at the Basics

Is selling a tough job, a hard job, or a difficult job? Well, it can be all of these things, but in reality is none […]

Successful Selling 2 – Get the Sequence Right…

I have already addressed the importance of completing the various simple steps in the sales cycle (see Be Brilliant at Basics). However, I haven’t yet […]

Successful Selling 3 – It doesn’t matter what you are selling…

Whether they are selling automobiles or aeroplanes; houses or boats; wall-paper or wills; life assurance or investments; advice or products, successful salespeople have common characteristics […]

Successful Selling 4 – Activity

Your weekly activity level will determine the pace of your success. Great salespeople commit themselves, from the outset, to a high level of activity – […]

Successful Selling 5 – Integrity

“The secret of acting is sincerity. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made” – George Burns. Financial advisers make money by selling ‘trust’, […]

Successful Selling 6 – Disciplined Approach

We are talking about time-management here. And it is the inability to manage their time that causes most salespeople to fail. I have rarely seen […]

Successful Selling 7 – Belief

If you do not believe that the product or service you are selling will provide added value to your client, then stop selling it. You […]

Successful Selling 8 – Know your numbers

You have just been offered a job where you would earn £10 for every phone call you make. What time of day would you start […]