Why Robo Advisors don’t mean the end of the IFA

  It is said that robots are going to take over the world and that within 30 years 15 million jobs will be taken away […]

The benefits of building IFA presence on Facebook

Social Media is fast becoming a great way of advertising your business at snippet of the cost of print, radio or television advertising. Independent Financial […]

Adding Value as an Independent Financial Advisor

  Independent financial advisors today face many more challenges than their predecessors. Since the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) banned commissions, and advisors have had to […]

How to network by ifamatch.com

Are IFAs Becoming Obsolete?

With the rise of online service providers, there has been much concern in the IFA community, and those looking for IFA recruitment assistance may think […]

Which Social Media Platform is best for Financial Advice

Which Social Platform Is Best For Independent Financial Advisors?

According to a recent study conducted in September 2015 by Putnam, more than 80 per cent of financial advisors use social media for business purposes. […]

One Exceptional Candidate

Are you this person…? You would like to be based in Brussels with a brief to develop business throughout the Benelux region. You would be […]

The Philippines: Experienced Consultant Required

Pre-qualified appointments provided The largest financial consultancy in the AsiaPac region, headquartered in Shanghai but operating globally, is seeking financial consultants to work within their […]

Sales Manager Required – Singapore

Salary + Commission + Override + Expenses Perhaps you are already based in Singapore with a license and clients but are frustrated that your career […]

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Are you a Private Medical Insurance Specialist?

We have an exciting opportunity for you: It is UK-based but with an international dimension. Salary £45k; Bonus; Car + Benefits Our UK-based client (Bournemouth) […]

Don’t Miss Out – 3 Incredible Opportunities

5 Great Reasons to consider them As we were going to press, these three very attractive opportunities arrived with us. So if you have been […]

For Active Recruiters Only – This may be the person you need to hire.

  You looking for me…? London: Marketing Professional. 5 reasons you should consider me. I am a highly experienced and degree-qualified marketing professional with over […]

The Rough Diamond

  Some years ago a friend of mine told me this true story… With his wife away he had to keep his children amused one […]

Animals have the Survival instinct; Humans have the Succeeding instinct

  Sales people have often tried to convince me that they don’t like sales targets; that targets have a negative effect on them; that they […]

Price or Quality – What the Customer REALLY wants.

  When I operated a tied-agency sales team in the 1980s one of the great complaints (excuses?) from my salespeople for failing to close a […]

What Recruiters want from prospective Financial Advisors

  Let’s not kid ourselves here – moving overseas will be an unsettling and challenging experience. Changing jobs is traumatic enough on its own, but […]

The Negative Forces Setting a Salary

  Let me tell you how I believe a salary is set. Jill Boss has a particular clearly defined job to get done. She wants […]

Modern Interview Techniques – How to interview well over Skype

  Attending an interview used to involve time off work, travelling to and from the interviewer’s office and the associated costs, but the traditional ‘face-to-face’ […]

The Perfect Storm? Financial Advisor Jobs Abroad

  So, you’re working in the financial services industry in the UK and you too have had enough. More regulations. Reducing income. Depressing weather. Economy […]

The 3 ‘I’s for Successful Man Management

In 1981, Brian attended his first management training session. He was fortunate to spend this particular week with a man named Robert Jackson who had spent […]