Time Management #1 – an introduction

It’s the big question that every recruiter of salespeople in financial services asks over and over again: what are the key features that make up […]

Time Management #2 – Are you Independent or Dependent?

An old colleague of mine used to say “When we come into this world we don’t come equipped with an instruction manual”. Too true… We […]

Time Management #3 – What we know about Time

Here are the key numbers: 7, 168, 10,080 and 604,800. That’s your week in numbers. It’s also my week and everyone else’s week too. It’s […]

Time Management #4 – Key Activities

In the previous section we decide that time was finite – it cannot be expanded or contracted. Also we identified some of the key tasks […]

Time Management #5 – The Template

We have now identified the key tasks that need to be completed each week, we also recognise that each week has a finite amount of […]

Time Management #6 – Peak Performance

With our draft template ready to complete (see previous post here), we now need to determine whether there are particular days that are better suited […]

Time Management #7 – Get off to a Flyer!

A quick review of our progress to date: we have accepted that time in finite; that there are certain key tasks that must be completed […]

Time Management #9 – The Final Picture

We are almost there now. Indeed, we can easily fit the rest of our key tasks into the diary time-slots … Wednesdays – Administration/Personal Development/1:1 […]

Time Management #8 – We all hate the telephone!

The next key day is the telephone session. It was always the one day I dreaded each week. Again, some salespeople tell me that they […]