The 3 ‘I’s for Successful Selection

  Some 20 years ago I met with Ken Wills who had just retired as Sales Director of The Equitable Life sales-force. This particular sales-force […]

Candidate Selection Rule #1 – People don’t change

There is a school of thought, led mainly by uneducated pedlars of success, which maintains that people can change… That it is possible for someone, […]

Candidate Selection Rule #2 – The Best Guide

  Actually the full Rule is: “The Best Guide to What a Person Can Do is What they have already Done.” If you have read […]

Candidate Selection Rule #3 – People are a product of their Past

  It follows that if a person is a product of their past, then you need to know all about them. Again, this follows from […]

Candidate Selection Rule #4 – Know your Candidate Warts and All

  Since you may employ him or her as they are today, “warts and all”, you want to know about their present circumstances, including the […]

Candidate Selection Rule #5: Let Them Talk

  You will learn more about a candidate from their lips than from your own. Let them talk. Resist the temptation to tell them all […]

Candidate Selection Rule #6: Keep Them Talking

  Keep candidates talking about themselves. Don’t let a candidate trick you with a discussion on sport in general, or what you both thought of […]

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Candidate Selection – Rule #7: Keep them to the Facts

What a candidate plans to do is pure hypothesis. What they have done can be checked. Keep them on the track and keep a careful […] global recruitment

Candidate Selection – Rule #8: Check References

After the interview get on the phone to a couple of past employers. Identify yourself and your organisation, mention that a prospective employee has given […]

Candidate Selection #9 – The Six Traps

  Don’t be fooled by the candidate who flatters you, agrees with you, and deliberately tries to sound like your ‘perfect employee’ (personnel jargon for […]