The 3 ‘I’s for Successful Selection



Some 20 years ago I met with Ken Wills who had just retired as Sales Director of The Equitable Life sales-force. This particular sales-force was probably the most successful financial services sales-force in history. Ken was now operating in consultancy and we were discussing recruitment.

During our discussions on recruitment he gave me the following advice: When interviewing a candidate, seek out these three “I”s:

  • Industry – a track record that demonstrated their ability to work hard for results
  • Integrity – an unblemished record of honesty and  trust
  • Impact – the personal charisma/chemistry that makes a person stand out from the crowd

I have never forgotten that conversation. Ken summarised the art of selection in 3 simple words.

Although the concept is incredibly simple, it is amazingly accurate. Of course the key to discovering whether the candidate in front of you has the three “I”s is in the quality of your selection interview.

But at least you know what you are looking for.

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