Candidate Selection Rule #2 – The Best Guide



Actually the full Rule is: “The Best Guide to What a Person Can Do is What they have already Done.”

If you have read the first article in this series, you will realise that this is a corollary of Rule #1, but one which should be fundamental in shaping the questions you want answered at interview.

– What has the candidate been doing with their life?

– What does the candidate think were their best achievements?

– Where does the candidate think they have failed?

Of course the candidate may not be completely honest with you, but it will be interesting to see where they put the emphasis.

A man whose greatest achievement was getting married (and believe me this comes up pretty often) would be great to hire if you needed a professional groom for pregnant secretaries but, as a level of achievement for us in predicting the more usual type of business success, getting married is not particularly relevant.

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