Candidate Selection #9 – The Six Traps



  1. Don’t be fooled by the candidate who flatters you, agrees with you, and deliberately tries to sound like your ‘perfect employee’ (personnel jargon for this trap is “the halo effect”). As I said, centre the conversation on what they say, and what they have done, and keep to the facts.
  2. Don’t recruit somebody just because they have been recommended to you. Don’t unconsciously score a candidate up at interview because they were recommended by a friend.
  3. Don’t recruit a person who says they plan to become a success after a sad, sad life in which luck always seemed to go against them at a crucial moment.
  4. Don’t take a person at their word. Make them produce evidence – check them out.
  5. Don’t use psychological testing as a crutch instead of a yardstick when you come to making your final decision.
  6. Don’t keep a recruit on after a two-month trial period unless they have shown positive signs of succeeding in their tasks. It may hurt your ego to admit a mistake, but it will hurt your pocket a great deal more if you don’t.

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