Candidate Selection Rule #4 – Know your Candidate Warts and All



Since you may employ him or her as they are today, “warts and all”, you want to know about their present circumstances, including the location of those “warts.”


– Does the candidate own a house?

– Is it mortgaged?

– By how much?

– Are there credit card debts?

– Does the candidate have a happy family life?

– What does their partner think about this change?

– Why are they looking to move anyway?

– What clubs do they belong to?

Your aim is not to be nosy, but to build up an accurate picture of the candidate, and where he/she fits in the strata of society.

Unless they have a past record of striving for and achieving a higher place in the social strata, then you may safely assume that they will be relatively happy to accept their present level in society as being about right. People like to have an identity, and the class-society in which we live (whether you believe it or not) is a great source of comfort to most people.

We generally have a need to know our place, and it is not uncommon to find a person for whom rapid promotion has taken them to a level in which they find themselves gasping for air and uncomfortable.

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